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If you are buying or selling wood chips, you know that the management of trees, whether for composting or burning, requires equipment of high productivity.

Urban Cleaning and Recycling

The Lippel offers solutions in various areas of urban cleaning, since the shredding of prunings collected by the city until the application of organic waste in gardening.

Organic Composting

Grow plants and trees healthy, in special organic farms and has its challenges. The lack of organic fertilizers makes the plants receive chemical components.

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Live LippelShow - Waste Management

Today, on 05/23/2024, Lippel, a leading company in waste management solutions, will host an unmissable live event on essential topics for sustainability and urban development. The event, which will be broadcast live on Lippel's official YouTube channel, is a unique opportunity for professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the field to delve into fundamental topics and learn about successful case studies.Event Program:1. Event Opening: A Brief History of Lippel We will start with a presenta
23 of May of 2024

Delivery of the PDU 260 D Branch Shredder by Lippel Improves Waste Management in a city in Paraná

Delivery of the PDU 260 D Branch Crusher by Lippel Improves Waste Management in a City in ParanáA city in Paraná has received an important ally in its mission to make urban cleaning more efficient and sustainable: the PDU 260 D branch crusher. The acquisition of this equipment represents a significant advancement in the management of vegetal waste, bringing with it a series of benefits that will positively impact the environment and the local community.The PDU 260 D, powered by a diesel engine,
10 of May of 2024

Family at the Company

On Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, the Lippel factory opened its doors for a unique and exciting experience: the "Family at the Company" event. Employees and their families had the opportunity to experience the work environment up close and learn more about the operations of the company that contributes so much to the support of their loved ones.Throughout the day, parents, mothers, children, and other relatives were welcomed by Lippel employees, who guided them on a complete tour of the factory facil
3 of May of 2024
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