Lippel Trenchers Line. High productivity machinery for the production of ditches for cement, hydraulic network, irrigation network, installation of water pipes, gas and various cables, as well as drains and repairs on roads.

We have over 40 years of experience in producing high quality machinery.

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Trencher coupled to mini loader Tatu 1200

The Tatu 1200 Trencher is a high-efficiency digging trencher for use in construction and irrigation systems.The Tatu 1200 is designed for digging trenches of up to 150 mm in diameter and 1200 mm deep

Self-propelled Trencher VCL 600

VCL 600 is a high-efficiency trencher for excavating soil for use in buildings and irrigation systems.VCL 600 was developed for the formation of ditches with dimensions up to 100 mm wide and 600 mm de

Trencher Tatu 1100 - Self-propelled

The Tatu 1100 is a high efficiency trencher for soil excavation for use in construction and irrigation systems.The Trencher Tatu 1100 was developed for the formation of trenches with dimensions of up

Trencher with manual movement VCL 60

The VLC 60 Trencher is a tool created to make trenching quickly and easily, streamlining construction services, cable routing, irrigation systems and others.This trencher has a toothed chain for diggi

Trencher VCL 100

The VLC 100 Trencher is a tool designed to make trenches with a larger diameter that can be used in rural areas or even in condominiums.According to the tools used for this purpose, it has several bla

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