Stump Grinders

Resistent, reliable and easy to handle machinery. Developed to accelerate the process of clearing the ground after cutting various types of trees.

Made to take care of the maintenance of the precious green space, with practicality and security.

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FSI H65 165-200

FSI H65 165-200: The Perfect Hydraulic Stump Grinder AttachmentDiscover the FSI H65 165-200: the perfect hydraulic stump grinder attachment for mounting on excavators and similar machines. With the ca


Discover the FSI H20S: the ultimate solution for stump grinding, with integrated swivel movement, designed for loaders and tool carriers. This versatile attachment is recommended for machines weighing


FSI H20 - Hydraulic Stump GrinderThe FSI H20 is a stump grinder attachment for excavators, mini articulated loaders, or similar machines. The recommended machine size is 2-2.5 tons. Key Features: Idea

Self-Propelled Stump Grinder B28

Stump Grinder B28: The Ideal Solution for Various SegmentsAre you looking for an efficient solution for stump removal that meets the needs of municipalities, service companies, condominiums, and road

Stump Grinder FSI B22

Self-PropelledThis means that the user can easily move the machine, both when moving to the stump to be ground and when moving the machine to a trailer or truck after use. The hydraulically driven whe

Stump Grinder with Self-propelled system FSI D30

D30 - Tree Stump GrinderThe D30 has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users who regularly use a stump grinder in their work. With a diesel engine, it offers high performance capaci

FSI D60 detucher

FSI D60: High-Performance Stump Grinder The FSI D60 is the ideal partner for tackling the challenge of stump removal. Equipped with cutting-edge features, this grinder offers exceptional efficiency an

FSI D74 detucher

FSI D74: Robust Cutting and Sweeping Machine The FSI D74 is a robust and efficient cutting and sweeping machine designed to deliver superior performance in a variety of conditions. With its advanced f

Stump Grinder DL-15

The maintenance of green space is of paramount importance to show how important this green and multicolored oasis is. The choice of tools for the conservation of this space needs to have criteria and

FSI B38 stutterer

Introducing the FSI B38: Your Ultimate Solution for Stump Removal If you're a professional seeking superior efficiency and performance in stump removal, the FSI B38 is the ideal choice for you. Eq

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Use of Waste from the Automotive Industry

In automobile manufacturing, various types of waste are generated, including wood (such as pallets and packaging), scrap components (such as bumpers and panels), and more common waste such as boxes, plastics, and cardboard. To tackle these environmental challenges, a major automobile manufacturer has implemented innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in its ecological islands.Sustainable Solutions for Industrial WasteReuse of Pallets and Wood with the PTL 250/400 x 1300 Chipper an
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