Drum Chipper PTL 350x800

Ideal for food industries, large-scale sawmills and other companies that process a variety of materials and of difficult chipping, such as orange trees and trunks of eucalyptus to produce chips for their own consumption or commercialization.

Take advantage of your biomass generating environmental benefits by commercializing renewable fuels in a sustainable way.

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Drum Chipper PTL 350x800
Driven by electric motor
Driven by electric motor
Details PTL 350 x 800
Details PTL 350 x 800
Wood chipper PTL 350 x 800
Wood chipper PTL 350 x 800
PTL 350 x 800 pchipping orange trees
PTL 350 x 800 pchipping orange trees

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Technical specifications

Drum Chipper PTL 350x800
Model: PTL 350 x 800
Power Required: 300 à 450 CV
Actuation: Electric motor
Diameter Barrel: 1000 mm
Opening input vertical: 350 mm
Opening input horizontal: 800 mm
Production: 100 à 190 m³/h

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