Drum Chipper PTL 250x500

New series of fixed chippers PTL 250. Now with 750 mm diameter cutting system, design for heavy duty work. This series count with the option of 4T cutting sytstem, for all those seeking for energy saving. Designed to meet the needs of the client, generating efficiency in the wood processing through chipping.

Ideal for those who seek the generation of profit using materials that are generally discarded, doing this through the wood chips production. This wood cihps can be used on the burning in various industries sectors.

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Drum Chipper PTL 250x500
Greater safety on operation
Greater safety on operation
Wood chips produced by the Fixed Wood Chipper with Roll Tractor PTL 250 X 500
Wood chips produced by the Fixed Wood Chipper with Roll Tractor PTL 250 X 500

Technical specifications

Drum Chipper PTL 250x500
Model: PTL 250 x 500
Power Required: 75 à 200 CV
Actuation: Electric motor
Diameter Barrel: 750 mm
Opening input vertical: 250 mm
Opening input horizontal: 500 mm
Production: 40 à 70 m³/h

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Chopper of wood, fixed to or delivered to the company the power and use of wood

Recently, Lippel has performed at the delivery of a sinner the wood, the fixed-model-PTL 250 x 500 for a major company in the forestry sector, and energy.It is located in the south of Brazil, the company began working in the lumber industry, and forestry, and now they have expanded their operations into various other sectors such as the manufacturing of packing containers, of paper, power generation, biomass and others.To meet all of these requirements of production, it is essential that the co
19 of September of 2019

1 of March of 2021

Delivery and installation of Shredder and Fixed Wood in Ecuador

The Lippel recently delivered a Chipper of Wood Fixed PTL 250x500 a sawmill of the Equator, it will be chopped residues of the sawmill, in addition to eucalyptus and pine for the production of chips to burn in the boiler.The equipment PTL 250x500, equipped with engine 125 CV, produces up to 10 tons per hour of chips.The client chose the LIPPEL by referral and was very surprised with the robustness of the machine. ?Much more enhanced than imagined, the equipment meets fully my expectations, I am
8 of May of 2018


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