Rotary Sieve Trommel PRL 1000 x 2000

The Trommel Lippel Rotary Sieve is a separator / classifier equipment for particulate materials such as sawdust, organic compounds, wood chips and impurities. The mesh has as a standard a perforated plate of variable size that can be dimensioned according to the material to be separated, adapting to the customer's needs.

This sieve has its own feeding belt to facilitate the work of material classification. Through the conveyor belt, the materials are released into the drum and then the classified material is discharged through the screen, which separates the impurities from the noble material. Then, the material with dimensions larger than the ideal is discarded through the discharge outlet in front of the drum, and can then be collected in a reservoir or by means of a conveyor belt.

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Rotary Sieve Trommel PRL 1000 x 2000
High safety standarts
High safety standarts
Motorized conveyor belt
Motorized conveyor belt
Sieve with adjustable screen
Sieve with adjustable screen
Separeted material
Separeted material

Technical specifications

Rotary Sieve Trommel PRL 1000 x 2000
Model: PRL 1000 x 2000
General dimensions (HxWxL): 2678 x 1515 x 4922 mm
Drum diameter: 1000 mm
Drum length: 2000 mm
Power: 4 CV
Weight: 1350 Kg

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Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood


Fertilizer company in the interior of São Paulo now has a Trommel 1850

A company from the countryside of São Paulo, active in the fertilizers market, recently acquired from Lippel a Trommel 1850, containing the dimensions of the cylinder - 1800 x 5000. A high production equipment, designed to meet the most diverse segments of the sieving market. The choice for a Lippel equipment in this design was due to their strict quality control, from the beginning to the end of production. The Trommel 1850 is a machine with application versatility and robustness, in addition t
18 of June of 2022


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