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Brief history of Lippel

LIPPEL is a metallurgical industry was founded in 1975 by Vigoldo Lippel, a descendant of German immigrants who settled in the High Valley of Itajaí, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. a very young age Mr. Vigoldo was gifted with a lot of skill and talent in the art of metallurgy, and started its activities manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment, seeking to meet the needs of the local region.

With the development of the industries, has identified opportunities to create and develop solutions for the processing of biomass, adding value to solid waste for industrial use and promoting environmental preservation. Within this context, it is specialized in processing, handling and storage, compression and combustion of solid waste. With the objective of promoting new solutions, and to aggregate technologies, the company is in constant research and development, know-how, specializing to the global market.


Technology in the processing of biomass, adding value to solid waste for industrial use and promoting environmental preservation.

The main segments of the practice

  • Industries wood, paper and cellulose;
  • Textile Industries;
  • Food industry and agricultural;
  • Steel industries and mining;
  • Processing industries biomass and renewable energy.

Product line

Systems of processing of biomass

  • Wood chippers
  • Chippers forestry, recycling, forest,utilization of branches and pruning of trees with energy purposes)
  • Rachadores of logs and the like;

Systems of handling and storage of biomass

  • Storage Silos
  • Carriers
  • Lifts
  • Thread extractors, and the like;

Compression systems

  • Plant Briquetting plant waste using the technology of the press piston
  • Briquetadeiras
  • Extruders and the like

Combustion systems

  • Burners for utilization of waste for generation of energy in process furnaces, boilers, etc.;

Drying systems

  • Dryers, rotary, and pneumatic biomass, usable to decrease the percentage of water found within the waste;

Recently two new products have been introduced on the line

  • System for Briquetting of Fine Coal
  • System Pelletização of Biomass (waste lígneos cellulosic)

Budgets, Orders or More Info

Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood
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