Wood Chippers

Lippel has a very wide and diversified line of wood chippers with varying sizes and cutting capacities, as well as having options for fixed chippers and mobile chippers, allowing the equipament to move to the workplace with its own or driven motors the power take-off of the tractor.

The wood chippers developed by Lippel are essential equipment for companies that work with wood recycling, clean energy generating industries, or wood producers such as pins and eucalyptus.

These wood chippers serve to:

Wood for construction and municipal waste.

Wood for reforestation, for pulp or for the production of pellets and briquettes for biomass

Waste pruning and management of trees and shrubs

Lippel wood chippers are suitable for the production of chips of various diameters for the production of biomass, which is increasingly gaining space in the energy matrix.

Stationary Chippers

The Chippers PTL are extremely robust machines, modern design, suitable for cutting wood waste and recycling, wood remains in logs, plant fibers, bark, tree tops and other such absorbing materials and

Forestry Drum Chippers

For over a decade, Lippel brought to market the first chipper for forest recycling of high production and has sought improvements since its launch.Businessmen producers on a large scale know that low

Forestry Disc Chippers

With the line of Chippers Forestry Lippel generation of chips is facilitated because the chipper can be easily carried to places hard to reach such as reforestationareas. The biomass yield is maximize

Chipper for Wood with Nails

The wood debris construction, demolition, furniture factories, packaging and other when discarded is no more than environmental liabilities.But this material is composed primarily of dry wood that, wh

Wood Re-Shredder

The Lippel's Wood Shredders main characteristic is its high versatility to process biomass of small dimensions and sizes, such as stumps and wood chips, bark, roots, etc.., turning them into unifo

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Use of Waste from the Automotive Industry

In automobile manufacturing, various types of waste are generated, including wood (such as pallets and packaging), scrap components (such as bumpers and panels), and more common waste such as boxes, plastics, and cardboard. To tackle these environmental challenges, a major automobile manufacturer has implemented innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in its ecological islands.Sustainable Solutions for Industrial WasteReuse of Pallets and Wood with the PTL 250/400 x 1300 Chipper an
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