Pellets Burners

Furnace specifically designed for power generation by burning biomass pellets.

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Janfire System JET Pellet Burner

JanFire System JET Pellet Burner is the complete solution in Economics, comfort and environment in focus. The JanFire JET Pellet Burner is available in outputs 40 kW up to 3x 600 kW. The JanFire Syste

Vertical Burner for Flex Fuels - QVML 100

The vertical burner QVML is an equipment with mixed burning system, being able to work with wood pellets or wood chips. This burner is excellent equipment for applications in automated heating systems

Pellets burner QPJet

QPJet models are pellet burners for domestic or industrial use. The burner uses wood pellets 6 to 10 mm in diameter as fuel.The parts of the set include: external pellet reservoir, external screw conv

Pellets Burners Lippel QP

Furnace specially designed to burn pellets.

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City Hall Acquires New Scorpion 500 Branch Crusher

City Hall Acquires New Branch Crusher A few days ago, the municipality of Paraná received another important piece of equipment that will guarantee more efficiency in the services of crushing branches resulting from tree pruning. The city hall already had smaller equipment, which was used by the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Policy, mainly at the Ecoponto. This equipment will now be destined for the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, to be used to remove branches from the
8 of October of 2021


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