Paper Shredder FP 500

The Lippel FP 500 paper shredder has been developed for industrial use in the processing of paper waste, cards and documents for the de-characterization and recycling of paper.

The FP 500 has a traction conveyor system so that the material is taken directly to the shredder cutting system without the operator having to get close to the cutting system, thus providing greater safety and efficiency in the work.

This shredder has an ample table of support for greater practicality when handling piles of papers and documents.


• Wide support table

• Emergency stop button

• Internal disposal container with large storage capacity

• Feed conveyor belt

Photo Gallery

Paper Shredder FP 500
Control panel with emergency stop button
Control panel with emergency stop button
Conveyor feeding belt
Conveyor feeding belt
Wide support table
Wide support table
Great shredding capacity
Great shredding capacity
Shredded paper
Shredded paper

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Technical specifications

Paper Shredder FP 500
Model: FP 500
Feeding opening: 5,8 x 45 cm
Cutting capacity: 120 sheets
Power: 3700w
Weight: 580 Kg

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