Why have a twig crusher?

Why have a twig crusher?
The twig crusher is a piece of equipment that transforms solid waste from pruning and wood into chips, which can be reused for various purposes, mainly composting and covering the ground.
Waste from urban pruning originated from municipal afforestation, condominiums, highways and even gardens, is treated as solid waste and deserves attention for recycling and correct reuse.
With the use of urban and forestry shredders, it is possible to dispose of this material correctly and properly. The residues crushed by the twig crushers form a great material for the production of organic compost, a natural fertilizer rich in minerals, making it an economical and sustainable solution to urban pruning residues.
Shredded waste has several uses, and can be used in agriculture, vegetable gardens and nurseries as organic fertilizer or in parks and gardens as landscaping.
Benefits of using the twig crusher
Savings: with shredded branches, you save 80% on transport and labor.
Reuse: the shredded branches can be used to produce organic fertilizer for planting new trees.
Reduction of excess waste: the whole branches are normally thrown in the landfill, which is a problem for the environment. By crushing these branches, it becomes a profitable and sustainable material, environmentally correct.
There are many models of shredders that vary in size, price, cutting capacity, types of materials and intended use. Models that are applied in industrial environments have a structure and are generally larger and have the ability to process entire wood waste at once, compared to those used in residential gardens and backyards.

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