Lippel delivery equipment to Paraguay

Lippel delivery equipment to Paraguay

The company Lippel proudly delivers two machines of high performance to Paraguay.

This is a Briquetadeira BL 95/240 and a Chipper Forest PDF 320 HDR AND.

The briquetadeira Lippel, will produce briquettes in Paraguay the straw of rice, taking advantage of this biomass is very abundant in the Country to turn this environmental problem into a fuel which is highly caloric, very appreciated for burning in boilers and ceramics of the neighboring Country.

We generated a daily amount to high for the material. We acquired the first machine with the intention of opening up the market that is already proving to be very interesting and in the future to add more machines to the process. Our choice in Lippel was based on trust in the brand and the presence that they have in our Country, says the client.

The equipment has the capacity to produce an average of 1200 kg/h of briquettes, and will be working two shifts of 8 hours a day.

In the same load, we deliver a PDF 320 HDR AND. Portable equipment, will be engaged in a, tractor of 90 hp of power and will produce chips for composting.

The client says that the choice of Lippel was based on positive history of known that I possess here in the Country.

The equipment is robust and fully satisfies my needs.

Lippel, synonymous with quality and trust;

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