Is reuse of cotton harvest residues feasible?

Is reuse of cotton harvest residues feasible?

The harvest of cotton, as well as that of several other types of crops, generates a large volume of plant residues. However, especially in more recent times, it has become a necessity to properly dispose of this waste.

However, making a proper disposal is a process that involves time and money, so just disposing of waste ends up being a waste of raw material that could be reused. But how could this waste be used in a profitable way?

Both in the cotton husk and cotton seeds, they can be treated to become a powerful solid fuel.

The process for this is briquetting. The briquetting process compacts the residues and releases the natural lignin from the vegetable fibers, thus transforming the raw material into a compact briquette, with a very high calorific value and clean burning. In fact, briquettes can be used to easily replace different types of furnaces and heat generators from fossil fuel or gas, for biofuel.

This application can be used both for own use, when the farmer also works in areas where the use of fuels in furnaces and boilers is necessary, as well as it can be used as a source of income for supplying this fuel to several companies.

This reuse makes the need for the correct disposal of cotton waste profitable.

Lippel has a range of briquetting equipment, from small to large, with a production of up to 2,200 kg/h per unit, to meet the need to reuse various types of plant residues such as wood biomass, cotton, rice and many others.


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BL 105/240 plus special briquette machine for cotton
BL 105/240 plus special briquette machine for cotton


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