Elektro invests in technology that speeds up the tree pruning process on the electricity grid

Elektro invests in technology that speeds up the tree pruning process on the electricity grid
Dealership developed a truck model that prunes and grinds branches faster
To reduce interruptions in energy supply caused by interference from trees in the electrical network, Elektro periodically cuts branches that overlap the electrical wiring. This work is carried out by qualified professionals with appropriate techniques and aims to maintain the supply of quality energy to consumers with the least possible impact on urban vegetation.
And thinking about the improvement of this process, Elektro developed a model of truck that will bring efficiency, reducing the execution time, crushing and disposal of branches by 30%. With the new technology, it will be possible to better manage waste, which, in addition to being properly disposed of, will be collected, not being left in front of houses, hindering the passage of pedestrians on sidewalks.
Elektro invested in four trucks that will be used in urban areas in the cities served by the concessionaire. The vehicle has an insulated aerial basket, thus, the equipment can be used in activities on energized networks and has a range of 14 meters, facilitating access to the highest points of the trees. The first municipalities that will receive the new trucks are: Limeira, Guarujá, Franco da Rocha and Três Lagoas. The vehicles will follow a schedule and will also be used in other cities.
"With the new truck, we will reduce the total time between pruning and the correct disposal of waste, and in this way, it will be possible to prune more trees that have branches in the electrical network, avoiding shutdowns and improving the quality of the energy supply ", comments Fernando Freitas, manager of Elektro.
Keeping branches away from the electrical network is a safety measure. In public spaces, the preventive pruning work is the responsibility of the city hall, while in residential and commercial properties, it is up to the owners and those responsible. Elektro's work aims to ensure the safety of customers and also to avoid problems in the energy supply. Pruning residues are sent to compost, which also benefits the environment.
Elektro reinforces the importance of planting suitable species and maintaining care with pruning so that the tree does not advance on the electricity network. One of the recommendations, for example, is that planting should not be carried out in close proximity to electrical equipment, such as poles, cables and transformers.

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