Crusher of branches supports the tree pruning carried out in urban roads.

Crusher of branches supports the tree pruning carried out in urban roads.

The OCT 300 (Mincer Crusher Urban) was presented to a city hall to be used in the cleaning of pruning in urban areas. It generates the economy of the municipality by reducing the amount of solid residues coming the pruning of urban, cleaning and opening of roads and avoiding the disposal in landfills they are an environmental liability, and economic. With the reduction in the volume of the antlers it is possible to obtain savings of up to 80% in transportation, because it is possible to transform 8 to 10 buckets of branches in only 1 with the crushed material. In addition, the crushed material can already be used as a ground cover, flower beds, landscaping, composting and fertilizers.

The Lippel has solutions ideas to accomplish the crushing of waste of pruning in urban areas. With mobile machines and easy-to-use, technology and domestic manufacturing, easy maintenance and operation, ideal for service providers, public agencies and municipalities.

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