Cotton production in MT receives the visit of representatives of the textile industry from Asia, North America and Europe

Cotton production in MT receives the visit of representatives of the textile industry from Asia, North America and Europe
A group of 21 representatives from the textile industry closely followed some steps in the development process in the harvesting and processing of cotton, on farms and mills in the interior of Mato Grosso, during the 2022 Buyers Mission.
The objective is to show the main fiber buyers in the world that agricultural production in the state meets all socio-environmental criteria, in addition to encouraging the purchase of the Brazilian product, which has the state as the main producer. The action is organized by the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (Abrapa).
Formed by representatives of industries from Bangladesh, South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam and Mexico, the delegation visited the properties and cotton plants located in the municipalities of Campo Verde, Primavera do Leste and Sorriso.
For the first time in Brazil, Pakistani Adil Bashir, from SurajCotton Mills, says he is impressed with what he has seen. According to him, Pakistan has been consuming a large volume of Brazilian material for 15 years. “After seeing all the improvements they are making, I do believe that, in the future, we will start buying even more. We were also impressed by the best agricultural practices and care for the environment. After this visit, you will hear me talk a lot about planting and processing and I believe that this will encourage more people to buy”, says the Pakistani.
According to the president of the Mato Grosso Association of Cotton Producers (Ampa), Paulo Sérgio Aguiar, the group represents the largest spinning industries in the world and, together, they have the potential to purchase 900,000 tons of cotton. That is, more than half of what is exported by Brazil, which approaches 1.7 million a year. “They really came to see that production is responsible, as are environmental issues and other procedures. And they're amazed at everything they're seeing. The work in regional agriculture is done in an organized way, so much so that it has the ABR seal and is within the criteria for responsible production, both environmentally, economically and socially”, explains the president.
For the president of Abrapa, Júlio Cézar Busato, the visit helps to improve the image of the sector and opens the door to greater volumes of negotiations. He also points out that the countries of Asia, together, buy around 90% of the national production. He also points out that the delegation that came from Turkey represents the three largest industries in that country that buy the national product.
Briquette machine produces briquettes from cotton waste
Briquetadeira offers a very high production to efficiently use the waste generated by agricultural companies that produce cotton.
This is because the cotton waste used in the production of briquettes is perfect for fattening animals in confinement, or can be used by the company itself as clean solid fuel for furnaces and boilers, or sold and used to generate profit.
With this increasingly expanding market, betting on a briquette machine is the ideal solution to generate savings and practicality, in addition to helping the environment.
Source: Abrapa

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