As the city of São Paulo has carried out, and the management of pruning in urban

As the city of São Paulo has carried out, and the management of pruning in urban

4 years ago a city in the state of São Paulo, brazil, in front of the need to improve the methods of management and of pruning and urban green waste, carried out in the purchase of a shredder chippers Lippel, with the aim to improve the cleanliness of the city.

But, as this unit has been used, and how the city has a need for a solution for this?

2015, this city began to carry out the processing of waste, solid green, gathered in the cleanup the pruning of urban services in the county. This process is, in itself, was a large facility on the logistics of the waste, as to carry out the grinding of the antlers, to its initial volume is reduced by as much as 60% to 80%, thus reducing the need for constant handling of the truck the pickup to the point of disposal.

But the most important thing is that by means of the crushing of the twigs, leaves, brush and other green waste, to have accumulated in a landfill, it has been possible to reuse the trash in the green, turning it into organic compost fertilizer to the soil. For fertilizer, this could be implemented into the plans for urban tree planting, and also in the encouragement of the local agriculture.

But it is for the benefit and ease of having this shredder for tree branches in the county?

This year, we were pleased to receive confirmation the city that yes, the demand has risen and the government sought to carry out the purchase of a new piece of equipment to supplement the service of the demand for the re-use of trimmings and urban areas, and we are pleased to be able to provide a piece of equipment Lippel.

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