16 of June of 2024

Use of Waste from the Automotive Industry

In automobile manufacturing, various types of waste are generated, including wood (such as pallets and packaging), scrap components (such as bumpers and panels), and more common waste such as boxes, plastics, and cardboard. To tackle these environmental challenges, a major automobile manufacturer has implemented innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in its ecological islands.Sustainable Solutions for Industrial WasteReuse of Pallets and Wood with the PTL 250/400 x 1300 Chipper an

8 of June of 2024

Participate in BioComForest: Lippel at the Largest Biomass, Composting, and Forestry Event

Botucatu (SP) - The city of Botucatu is gearing up to host the first edition of BioComForest – International Congress and Fair of Biomass, Composting, and Forestry, an unmissable event for professionals and companies in the sector. The fair will take place at the Unesp campus from July 30 to August 1, gathering approximately 3,000 participants and offering a rich program with 30 specialist lectures, debates, and a Theoretical and Practical Composting Course.Lippel will be present with a st

28 of June of 2024

The perfect duo for generating chips for grain drying and other activities

At Lippel, we subject our machines to rigorous quality, efficiency, and stress tests. Our research and development team, along with the engineering department, continuously innovates and improves. With nearly 50 years of expertise, we ensure excellence in every product.Dragon 900 Forestry ChipperAre you looking for a robust and versatile solution for large-scale chip production? Meet the Dragon 900 Forestry Chipper, a machine that combines high productivity and extreme mobility to serve various

19 of June of 2024

Naviraí Strengthens Urban Cleaning with New Branch Shredders

Naviraí, MS – The Municipality of Naviraí, through the Municipal Environmental Management, has just acquired two new branch shredders, significantly strengthening the cleaning of the city's public roads. The shredders were obtained through a partnership with Itaipu Binacional and CONISUL – Intermunicipal Development Consortium of the Southern Region of Mato Grosso do Sul.Advanced Technology: PDU 260 D Branch ShredderThe new branch shredders, model PDU 260 D, have diesel engines a

13 of June of 2024

New Acquisition: LIPPEL PRTL 1230 Trommel Rotary Screen in Cachoeira do Macacu, RJ

The company located in Cachoeira do Macacu, in the Rio de Janeiro region, specializing in general composting, has just acquired the innovative LIPPEL PRTL 1230 Trommel Rotary Screen. This new equipment marks an important step for the company, which previously used a locally built screen. With the introduction of the PRTL 1230, the company aims not only to improve its production process but also to expand production on a larger scale.Environmental and Economic BenefitsThe acquisition of the LIPPE

3 of June of 2024

Thanks LippelShow!

The Lippel Show was a technology demonstration event promoted by Lippel, which took place on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at the COMCAP facilities in Florianópolis. This exclusive event focused on presenting the latest technologies for processing green materials, bulky wood, and urban solid waste (USW), offering a detailed and interactive experience.During the Lippel Show, participants had the opportunity to network and get up close and interact with Lippel's state-of-the-art equipment, including

29 of May of 2024

Technical Delivery of Hércules 1000 R Elevates Biomass Production in Rio de Janeiro

In a significant milestone for the biomass industry in the region of Guapimirim, Rio de Janeiro, Grupo Bom Jardim celebrates the technical delivery of the powerful Hércules 1000 R machine. This delivery marks a crucial point in expanding the group's production capacity, further driving its operations in the sectors of agribusiness, biomass, construction, machinery rental, and recycling.The Hércules 1000 R, part of Lippel's Hércules series, is an exceptionally versatile and powerful machi

10 of May of 2024

Delivery of the PDU 260 D Branch Shredder by Lippel Improves Waste Management in a city in Paraná

Delivery of the PDU 260 D Branch Crusher by Lippel Improves Waste Management in a City in ParanáA city in Paraná has received an important ally in its mission to make urban cleaning more efficient and sustainable: the PDU 260 D branch crusher. The acquisition of this equipment represents a significant advancement in the management of vegetal waste, bringing with it a series of benefits that will positively impact the environment and the local community.The PDU 260 D, powered by a diesel engine,

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