Pro-Agro 100 Humidity and Temperature Tester for Bales

The Bale Moisture Meter is a portable equipment, developed especially for hay, silo and straw producers, who need high precision in measuring the humidity and temperature of their bales.

With the Pro-Agro 100 humidity gauge it is possible to obtain moisture and temperature measurements of the hay before it is baled or after. The humidity gauge has a 50 cm rod that allows to obtain the exact humidity inside the bale, and the humidity measurement rate is 8.5 to 60%.

To obtain a safe measurement it is necessary that multiple measurements are made due to their density variations. By thinking of this, the moisture meter stores all the measurements in its memory, so it is possible to calculate the average moisture of the bales.

The humidity meter uses 9-volt alkaline batteries, has an LCD display for displaying the data and its measurement can vary approximately 1.5% for more or less.

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Pro-Agro 100 Humidity and Temperature Tester for Bales
Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter
Rod measurer
Rod measurer

Technical specifications

Pro-Agro 100 Humidity and Temperature Tester for Bales
Model: PRO-AGRO 100
Measurement Range: 8.5 - 60% % U
Temperature: -5 - + 70 º C
Resolution: 0,1% de umidade % U.
Drums: Alcalina de 9 volts Volts
Display: LCD
Stem: stainless steel 50 cm cm
Precision: 1.5% at normal humidity range using the average and correct calibration.

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