Moisture Meters

The moisture in the biomass storage processes, briquetting and firing is a determining factor in the quality of the end product or result of the process of biomass.

When the humidity is very high in storage becomes favored the growth of fungi, falling with it the quality of stored biomass.

When the humidity is too high in briquetting, biomass not compact enough and the briquettes does not have adequate durability.

When the humidity is very high in burning biomass may be necessary to exchange equipment for achieving the desired results.

That's why is so important to make measurements in moisture of biomass during all processes.

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BIO 200 Moisture Meter

The correct water content in the residue allows for a cleaner burn with a higher heat gain. The BIO 200 is used to obtain moisture measurements during storage and prior to the use of the residue.The m

Pro-Agro 100 Humidity and Temperature Tester for Bales

The Bale Moisture Meter is a portable equipment, developed especially for hay, silo and straw producers, who need high precision in measuring the humidity and temperature of their bales.With the Pro-A

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City Hall Acquires New Scorpion 500 Branch Crusher

City Hall Acquires New Branch Crusher A few days ago, the municipality of Paraná received another important piece of equipment that will guarantee more efficiency in the services of crushing branches resulting from tree pruning. The city hall already had smaller equipment, which was used by the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Policy, mainly at the Ecoponto. This equipment will now be destined for the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, to be used to remove branches from the
8 of October of 2021


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