Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 A

AFI 1000 A has a useful grinding stroke of 1000 mm and is ideal for sharpening industrial knives of recycling mills, granulators, agglutinators, guillotines and razors.

The knife sharpener is divided into five main parts, which is the main body, the work table, the sliding plate, the motor and the grinding head, the structure of each section is compact. You can sharpen several blades at the same time, allowing you to sharpen at different angles. In addition to having automatic displacement of the head, cooling system and the adjustment of the sharpening angle is through the graduated ring, its design is compact and modern.

Our sharpener is used by service providers in the area of ??tree trimming, solid fuel (wood chip) manufacturers, sawmills, timber, wood chippers as well as recycling mills, as our AFI 1000 A sharpener. A modern, versatile tool for sharpening various knives used by agriculture, industry, forestry, and recycling, because its ability to sharpen large knives or even sharpen several knives at the same time, and to be able to adjust various angles enable it to Different types of knives.

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Technical specifications

Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 A
Model: AFI 1000 A
Power rating: 2 HP
Maximum capacity Sharpening: 1000 x 130 x 30 mm
Adjustment angle: 0 - 90 º
Refrigeration system: 40w
dimensions: 1440 x 650 x 1350 mm
Size Grindstone: 32 x 125 x 45 mm
Weight: 440 kg
Speed Linear Grindstone: 2840 RPM

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