Hammer Mill Lippel MML 650

The housing includes structural robustness combined with a modern design, which results in better internal fluidity of the product and the reduction of noise and vibration levels.

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Technical specifications

Hammer Mill Lippel MML 650
Model: MML 650
Production: 1 - 3 m³/h
Width Milling Area: 300 mm
Rotor diameter: 650 mm
Power Required: 25 CV
Screen size: 3 - 25 mm
Engine Speed: 1750 RPM
Actuation: electric motor

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Delivery of Shredder and Wood to the company of ceramics in Colombia

Recently it was loaded, and sent a Chopper of Wood Fixed Lippel to a colombian company.This company works in the ceramic tile sector, and has the need to burn the fuel in suspension. To meet this demand, they have acquired a Chipper Stationary Lippel model PTL 200 x 500, which was equipped with a motor of 75 HP, cutting system, multi knives, and will be producing wood chips with smaller particle size, with the average of 7 mm.However, as the firing in the ceramic tile sector demand a high calori
23 of August of 2018


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