Glass grinding and granulation plant

The glass grinding and granulation plant consists of the provision of various equipment, with the aim of transforming the glass into the glass area and glass casing, without cutting points. This system is capable of classifying the material in various sizes of particles and separating the residues.
Its innovative cleaning system accepts all qualities of glass without the need to separate covers, adhesives, labels, plastics and other contaminants (iron must not enter the system). This system does not work with an internal penis, as it has a low rate of wear and does not cause clogging.
Possess internal structure with double walls of materials resistant to wear, and hammers with articulated arms made of special steel, super reinforced and with coatings.
• All types of glass can be inserted. It is not necessary to pre-clean;
• The plants can be assembled with other dispositions and capacities;
• Production of glass in the sand and shell with the possibility of altering the granulometry, with the removal of two residues;
• Oils at the entrance two residues such as covers, plastics, adhesives, sem- gerating paper or machine clogging.
• Low maintenance;
• Unit ready for operation;
• Industrial design and durability;
The crushed glass can be used in various applications of aggregates, in the production of asphalt, floor covering, landscaping, drainage, manufacturing of abrasives, fiberglass and new glass itself.
The smaller the plant has the capacity to process up to 750 kg/h being an integrated unit and the larger the plant has the capacity to process up to 20,000 Kg/h.
For more information and plant sizes that apply to your needs, contact us.

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Glass grinding and granulation plant
glass gravel
glass gravel
glass sand
glass sand
Transforms glass into glass sand and glass gravel without sharp edges
Transforms glass into glass sand and glass gravel without sharp edges

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