Organic Galhos Crusher 1500 G

The Bio 1500 Shredder is a compact and high performance equipment for cleaning gardens, condominiums, yards and green areas in general to get rid of the accumulation of pruning remains and application in composting.
The Bio 1500 has a 15 HP gasoline engine for crushing galhadas up to 100 mm in diameter. This flail shredder was developed with the safety of the operator in mind, counting on a wide feeding funnel to maintain the operator for a long time of the cutting system, also having a discharge deflector to direct the ducts to where they want, avoiding accidents due to the discharge system.
The waste crusher presents a solution for you to reuse green waste to produce organic waste through composting. In addition to allowing the composting of sheets, leaves and bushes, it also facilitates the composting of food scraps, because wood chips can be mixed with food scraps, making their decomposition more uniform and controlled, in addition to reducing os maus cheiros two remains of food.
Technical Specifications
Organic Model 1500 G
Cutting capacity 100 mm
Power 15 HP
Combustible Gasoline
Weight 215 Kg

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Why have a twig crusher?

The twig crusher is a piece of equipment that transforms solid waste from pruning and wood into chips, which can be reused for various purposes, mainly composting and covering the ground. Waste from urban pruning originated from municipal afforestation, condominiums, highways and even gardens, is treated as solid waste and deserves attention for recycling and correct reuse. With the use of urban and forestry shredders, it is possible to dispose of this material correctly and properly. The residu
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