Crusher of Galhos BIO 130 G

The BIO 130 G grinder is powered by a 15 hp gasoline engine. It uses a drum cutting system with two reversible blades, allowing you to shred galhadas with a 130mm x 280mm cutting opening, up to 10 cm in diameter with round pruning. The structure of the manual locomotive chopper.

With the ability to move the machine, you can work anywhere. A wide feed chute with an opening of 350 mm facilitates the feeding of two bunches and galhadas. Possuem two mouths of exit of material directing for or only (by low) or straight (by top).
It discharges directly and multidirectionally and spreads the valuable cavacos to its desired location, being able to make mountains for composting or to load on caretinhas. Isso faz com que o BIO 130 G um powerful shredder not on the market.

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Technical specifications

Crusher of Galhos BIO 130 G
Technical specifications
Model: BIO 130 G
Engine: 15 HP Gasoline
Rotation Speed: 2,400 RPM
Departure: Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.5 L
Number of Knives: 2 units.
Cutting Aperture: 130 x 280 mm
Log capacity: 100 mm
Chip Size: 10 to 18 mm
Emergency Button: Yes
Dimensions: 1800 x 800 x 1150 mm
Weight: 165 kg

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Why have a twig crusher?

The twig crusher is a piece of equipment that transforms solid waste from pruning and wood into chips, which can be reused for various purposes, mainly composting and covering the ground. Waste from urban pruning originated from municipal afforestation, condominiums, highways and even gardens, is treated as solid waste and deserves attention for recycling and correct reuse. With the use of urban and forestry shredders, it is possible to dispose of this material correctly and properly. The residu
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