Furnaces Feeder for Burning Waste and Biomass Fuel QL 02

Uniform and controlled feeding of furnaces or boilers, with regulation of feeding by mechanical ratchet wheel system. 

Advantages of the system:

• Firing system that greatly reduces the need for handling of the fuel;

• Considerably improved when compared to the burning process of feeding with firewood;

• Helps in the ecological aspect and environment, and because it uses waste biomass available;

• Presents a uniform burning because of biomass fuel supply is controlled and coupled with the injection of air;

• The burning occurs over cast iron grate with injection of air through the exhauster.


• Dosage through screw extractor;

• Screw extractor driven by motor and gearbox;

• Regulation of feeding by mechanical ratchet wheel system.;

• Made of metal structure with funneled silo and rack with wheels for movement;

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Technical specifications

Furnaces Feeder for Burning Waste and Biomass Fuel QL 02
Model: QL 02
Motor power feed: 1cv, 4 poles CV
Motor Power Exhaust: 1cv, 2 poles CV
Storage: 0,6 m³
Kind of stirrer: snail

More Information and Budget

Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood


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