Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500

The TITÃ 500 has been designed with people who need to process forestry wood in mind, either for own use or for sale, with a compact size and easy operation, but without losing performance and power.

It is able to chip tree logs, antlers, shrubs and lumber with a diameter of up to 30 cm. With its capacity and compact design, it can be used in rural areas and forests, or even in urban cleaning through the processing of green waste and lumber accumulated in dumps or eco spots in the city.

Main features

• Wide feed rail with traction roller and 390 x 525 mm opening

• Capacity for logs up to 300 mm in diameter

• Discharge chute that guarantees the best quality of the final product, containing less fines

• Powerful diesel engine

• Equipment protection and control system

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Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500
Control panel for equipment speed control and overload protection
Control panel for equipment speed control and overload protection
Powerful diesel engine
Powerful diesel engine
High wood chips production capacity
High wood chips production capacity
Easy to transport to the work place
Easy to transport to the work place
Ideal for the processing of wood logs, trees, wood residues and green masses
Ideal for the processing of wood logs, trees, wood residues and green masses
Chopping whole eucalyptus trees
Chopping whole eucalyptus trees

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Technical specifications

Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500
Model: Titã 500
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 5000 x 2950 x 3100 mm
Cutting opening (WxH): 525 x 400 mm
Rotor diameter: 560 mm
Engine power: 195 HP
Estimated production: 60 m³/h
Estimated weight: 7.5 Ton

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