Forestry Chipper CASTOR 500

The Castor 500 Forest Mower, is a multipurpose chipper that can cut shrubs, branches, antlers, sawmill wood waste, plywood, trunks and logs up to 300 mm in diameter. It can also be applied for cleaning pruning and urban waste material, in which some users need a robust machine with industrial durability.


Advantages of the Castor 500

  • Drum system allows homogenous and high quality picking of various types of wood.

  • Industrial diesel engine drive.

  • It can be fed by crane or manually.

  • Strength, durability and versatility.

Great for those who need mobility, without giving up the high capacity.

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Forestry Chipper CASTOR 500
With towing coupling it can be transported easily
With towing coupling it can be transported easily
Homogeneous chip quality
Homogeneous chip quality
Castor 500 high production capacity
Castor 500 high production capacity
Wood chipper Castor 500
Wood chipper Castor 500
Wood chipper Castor 500 - Wide feed opening
Wood chipper Castor 500 - Wide feed opening
Diesel engine with 210 HP
Diesel engine with 210 HP
Forestry Chipper for whole tree logs
Forestry Chipper for whole tree logs

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Technical specifications

Forestry Chipper CASTOR 500
Model: Castor 500
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 7000 x 2600 x 5000 mm
Cutting opening (WxH): 520 x 400 mm
Rotor diameter: 560 mm
Engine power: 210 HP
Estimated production: 45 m³/h
Estimated weight: 7.5 Ton

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28 of June of 2022


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