Forestry Drum Chippers

For over a decade, Lippel brought to market the first chipper for forest recycling of high production and has sought improvements since its launch.

Businessmen producers on a large scale know that low cost of operation is essential to be profitable. Our engineers have applied this concept in our equipment, and this translates into high productivity with low maintenance cost.

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Chipper and Grinder series T-Rex

The T-REX 1000 is a Chipper and Crusher that delivers a lot of versatility. It is more than a machine, it serves the most diverse production sectors, with rotors dedicated to specific demands, such as

Hércules series forest squeegee chipper

The Hércules series features machines that offer versatility and power. It is the largest Brazilian Forestry Chipper able to run on highways. They are chippers mounted on a semi-trailer type chassis w

Forestry Chipper - BRUTUS Series

The BRUTUS Forestry Chippers line is characterized by its robustness and size. It is the heavy line of wood chippers designed to yield years of production and durability. The minimum power starts at 4

Forestry Chipper DRAGON 1200

The Dragon 1200 is the largest truck-mounted wood chipper “chipper truck”  in Brazil. In addition to mounting on a truck, the Dragon can be mounted on the Forwarder chassis or on towable w

DRAGON 900 Forestry Chipper

The Dragon 900 Forest Chipper is the solution for those who need to produce large amounts of chips with extreme mobility, accessing different markets in an agile way. The versatility of the machine

Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 900

Forestry chipper with new and exclusive design - transverse mounted, which allows the movement along the timber line and the loading flow, reducing the machine's downtime due to the repositioning

Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 700

The Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 700 is assembled on a cross, on a unique chassis that allows a closer to the ground feed, facilitating the processing of whole trees, reducing labor, making the chipping pr

Forestry Chipper JACARÉ 700 M-S Roll-On

The Jacaré 700 M-S Roll-On Forestry Chipper is manufactured on the Roll-On Roll-Off platform that allows quick loading and unloading of the chipper by the truck. It can be easily carried and positione

Forestry Chipper JACARÉ 700 M-S

The Chipper truck Jacaré 700 M-S is manufactured on a frame that allows to be mounted on truck or other universal vehicle.It can also be positioned on patios if you want to work statically. It has its

Forestry Chipper JACARÉ 700 M-S

The forestry chipper Jacaré 700 M-S is mounted on the cross on a unique chassis that allows a feed to low ground clearance, facilitating the processing of whole trees, reducing manpower, making the pr

Forestry Chipper JACARÉ 700 M

The innovative series of chippers Lippel is now also driven by own engine in a unique structure to best meet your demands.The multi- knives drum allows homogeneous chipping and high quality a variety

Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 700 T

The wood Chipper RAPTOR 700 T is transversely mounted, on an exclusive chassis that facilitates the transportation for being compact, reduces labor, speeds up the chipping while maintaining the usage

Forestry Chipper JACARÉ 700 T

The Lippel Jacaré 700 T has a revolutionary new 4T cutting system, which reduces the need of power, resulting in more productivity and less fuel costs, without sacrificing quality.In addition to the i

Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500

The TITÃ 500 has been designed with people who need to process forestry wood in mind, either for own use or for sale, with a compact size and easy operation, but without losing performance and power.I

Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500 T

The TITÃ 500 T Forestry Wood Chipper shred shrubs, branches, antlers, sawdust, veneer, veneer, plywood, trunks and logs with up to 300 mm diameter with excellent power to production ratio. It can be f

Forestry Chipper CASTOR 500

The Castor 500 Forest Mower, is a multipurpose chipper that can cut shrubs, branches, antlers, sawmill wood waste, plywood, trunks and logs up to 300 mm in diameter. It can also be applied for cleanin

Forestry Chipper CASTOR 500 T

The Forest Wood Chipper Tractor Castor 500 T chips easily shrubs, branches, antlers, refilos sawmill, slabs, plates, shells, wood crooked trunks and logs up to 300 mm in diameter. Can be supplied by c

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Use of Waste from the Automotive Industry

In automobile manufacturing, various types of waste are generated, including wood (such as pallets and packaging), scrap components (such as bumpers and panels), and more common waste such as boxes, plastics, and cardboard. To tackle these environmental challenges, a major automobile manufacturer has implemented innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in its ecological islands.Sustainable Solutions for Industrial WasteReuse of Pallets and Wood with the PTL 250/400 x 1300 Chipper an
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