Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 180 HDR

The Lippel PDF 180 HDR wood chipper coupled to a tractor is an excellent choice for medium volume waste chipping, saving energy consumption, as well as facilitating the transport of waste to the storage site.

The PDF 180 HDR is suitable for the production of chips for firing in boilers. The chips produced by the wood chipper are of high quality, their cut and size make it an ideal solid fuel for the production of thermal energy.

The drive of the wood chipper is carried out by connecting to the drivebar at the power take-off of the tractor. The chipper can reach a production of 30m³ / h and the chip size can vary 25 to 50 mm, the chip size being defined according to the speed of the feed.

The PDF 180 HDR can be attached to the tractor to move the equipment to your workplace, allowing the chipper to be used directly in the forest, all waste is used.

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Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 180 HDR
Duct with rotary output, more convenience for your your day to day.
Duct with rotary output, more convenience for your your day to day.
The chipper can be easily carried by a tractor
The chipper can be easily carried by a tractor
Wood chipper controller
Wood chipper controller
Forestry wood chipper top
Forestry wood chipper top
Wood chipper PDF 180 HDR
Wood chipper PDF 180 HDR

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Technical specifications

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 180 HDR
Model: PDF 180 HDR
Discharge Height: 3300 - 4200 mm
Rotations Disk: 540 / 1000 RPM
Opening input horizontal: 320 mm
Ability to Toras: 200 mm
Production: 10 à 30 m³/h
Power Required: 65 - 100 CV
Actuation: Terceiro ponto do Trator ou Motor Estacionário Diesel
Series optional: M - Stationary engine
Series optional: R - Shot
Series optional: HD - independent hydraulic

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Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood


The investment in the automation of the plantation and the processing of the coffee at MG

A coffee grower in the state of minas gerais, has recently made the decision to invest in the growth of your business, and then automate the process by drying the grain in the coffee shop.This is a coffee farmer organized the purchase of a chipper forestry in the disk model, the PDF-THE 180-dynamic range (HDR), and the front panel the furnace BELOW-01 the chips and sawdust the wood.The goal is for the purchase of new equipment to increase productivity and reduce production costs. In order to a
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