Forestry Disc Chippers

With the line of Chippers Forestry Lippel generation of chips is facilitated because the chipper can be easily carried to places hard to reach such as reforestationareas. The biomass yield is maximized and can be used in several ways: as fuel, organic material for composting, etc.
These are Chippers specially designed to grind whole bushes, plants, branches, pruning, cleaning up the gardens and roads, thinning forests, among other tasks.
This advantage provides full cleaning the reforestation area, avoiding contamination by fungi and minimizing the risk of fire. The line Lippel forest is the best way to increase business income without wasting natural resources.
Our equipment is the solution to harnessing of all types of wastes like wood or plump-shaped waste sawmills or rolling mills, eucalyptus bark and pine cuttings and remains. Disuniform transform materials, difficult to handle, in a homogeneous, high quality and multi-application product.

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Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 420 HD EA

Forestry Wood Chipper PDF 420 HD-EA is a high performance machine. It can be driven by tractor's PTO or by stationary diesel engine.It's a high productivity and mobility solution, excelent for

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 320 HDR EAM

This wood chipper provides high productivity on the production of chips, plus the ease of having a diesel stationary engine.Its diesel engine high-power drive provides up to 55 m³ / h of production.Be

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 320 HDR EA

This wood chipper provides high productivity in chip production.It is connected to the PTO of the tractor, can be easily transported to the workplace and its infeed conveyor facilitates feeding. It ch

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 320 HDR

It is connected to the PTO of the tractor, can be easily transported to the workplace and the infeed conveyor facilitates the feed. It chips logs with up to 26cm in diameter!

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR+AC

The wood chipper PDF 200 HDR + AC is designed to chip whole bushes, plants, branches, trunks, logs and tree pruning, allowing the cleaning of gardens, roads, forest thinning, among others. Within the

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HD +UME

The wood chipper PDF 200 HD + UME is a compact, fixed machine, connected to the electric motor, designed to shred the urban and forestry prunings and thinnings in a fixed location. Great productivity

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR +UME

The PDF 200 HDR + UME chipper is equipped with an independent hydraulic unit, mounted on a towable structure and driven by an electric motor. Its feed system with traction rollers provides the chipper

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 180 HDR

The Lippel PDF 180 HDR wood chipper coupled to a tractor is an excellent choice for medium volume waste chipping, saving energy consumption, as well as facilitating the transport of waste to the stora

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 150 HDR + AC

The PDF 150 HDR + AC is designed to chip whole shrubs, plants, antlers and organic waste tree management.With its cutting system, the wood logs are chipped at an angle in favor of its fibers, which re

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 150 HDR

The Wood Chipper PDF 150 HDR counts with its own PTO tractor power take-off system, making it a excellent choice for chipping tree logs, branches e other wood types on hard to reach places.The cutting

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Cotton production in MT receives the visit of representatives of the textile industry from Asia, North America and Europe

A group of 21 representatives from the textile industry closely followed some steps in the development process in the harvesting and processing of cotton, on farms and mills in the interior of Mato Grosso, during the 2022 Buyers Mission. The objective is to show the main fiber buyers in the world that agricultural production in the state meets all socio-environmental criteria, in addition to encouraging the purchase of the Brazilian product, which has the state as the main producer. The action i
10 of August of 2022


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