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BNDES card

What is the BNDES card? The BNDES card is a product designed for all companies in the micro, small and medium size firms that are in day with their obligations with the INSS, FGTS, RAIS and other federal taxes.

The portal System operations BNDES makes available on the Internet an exclusive space in which to conduct business among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with the BNDES Card, and their suppliers, manufacturers of goods for production, here understood as goods of national manufacture, or who receive aggregation of economic value in the national territory, that, at the discretion of the BNDES, are related to investments. Therefore, the products financed by means of the BNDES card are those listed in the catalogue of products exhibited, exclusively, in the Portal of the operations of the BNDES.

What can be financed by BNDES card? Machinery, equipment and other production assets that have manufacturing, total or partial in the country, and that, at the discretion of the BNDES are related to investments, included in the catalogues exposed in the portal of the operations of the BNDES.

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BNDES Finame

Financing, without limit in value, for the acquisition isolation of new machinery and equipment domestically manufactured, accredited by BNDES, and the working capital associated to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, through financial institutions accredited.

Interest rate

Financial cost + Remuneration of the BNDES + Remuneration of the Financial Institution accredited.

Financial cost

Interest rate of long-term - short-term investments

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Its resources are intended for the financing of micro and small-scale producers and urban, individual or collective who want to invest in the growth of your business or to get resources for the funding of its activity. Their financial agents are: Bank of Brazil, Banco do Nordeste, Banco da Amazônia and the Caixa Econômica Federal.

Interest rate

Varies according to the purpose of the funding.

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