Burners of Biomass

Several industries require the generation of heat in their production processes. Many are still using the burning of fossil fuels, coal or natural gas.

Biomass for power generation is a renewable, carbon-neutral, which may have originated in specific cultures or even in urban recycling.

The financial advantages, the need to use environmental friendly processes and the need to present themselves to the market as advocates of sustainability are making many alter its energy matrix to biomass burning.

Examples of this include companies in the field of the manufacturing of red ceramic (tiles, bricks, etc.), calcination of gypsum, distilleries, hotels, gyms and hospitals, cotton, leather, greenhouses, sweet factories, foundries, freezers and juice industries, dairy products industries, laundry, tires retreading, drying furnace slag, grain drying, steel, coffee roasting, flour toasting and many others.

Lippel manufactures and sells all equipment and machinery required for the generation of energy as heat by burning biomass.

Pyrolytic Burners

Furnace to generate energy and heat by pyrolysis burning wood chips and fractionated biomass.

Logs Feeders

Logs automated feeding for furnaces and boilers

Furnace Feeders

Automated feeding, furnaces and boilers with wood chips and fractionated biomass.

Cyclonic Burners

Furnace to generate energy by burning sawdust and powdered biomass

Briquettes Burners

Furnaces especially designed for power generation by burning biomass briquettes.

Pellets Burners

Furnace specifically designed for power generation by burning biomass pellets.

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