Brush Chipper PTU 300

The PTU 300 is the ultimate in innovation, productivity, operator safety and energy efficiency. Offers more efficiency for chopping, through its large feed mouth, making your toughest jobs easier. Its fuel tank reduces time spent on refueling and increases operating time.
Green biomass cleaning service providers, rural and urban tenants, arboriculturists, farmers, city halls, farmers, foresters, and other related branches, find in PTU 300 the solution for crushing their organic material. The variable feed roll advance speed allows the user to slow down when processing harder or larger materials.
Vehicle trailer manufactured in a set of crusher and diesel engine with proper certification to comply with traffic legislation, together with a signaling lantern system. Optional spare tire supplied.
Dynamically balanced drum cutting system of 02 or 04 knives, has a shredding capacity of 30 cm. Motorization option from 60 HP to 85 HP with electric starter and electric injection system.
Automatic feeding system of engine speeds to the cutting set. 'No Stress' intelligent electronic system. A large rectangular feed opening with a pinch roller helps to increase productivity by reducing the need to cut material before loading it into the chipper.
Trailer made of reinforced carbon steel structural profiles, with extendable hitch, two wheels and anti-torsion suspension.
PTU 300 is also provided with an operational safety system for the feeding table, with a lower safety bar, double layer protection curtain, operational warning light being within the NR12 Standard, providing extra safety to the operator. Being an operating system with regulated sensitivity and activated by an electronic module when played.
The safety trigger buttons, being emergency and reset, allow the operator to immediately reset the stop and reactivate the equipment power supply.
Four (04) position top feed control bar lock, has dual feed position. Mounted on the feed table, it allows the operator to stop the feed roller instantly.
270º rotational discharge. Detachable discharge deflector
Modern Automatic Gravity Brake System and Stationary Lever Brake for the uncoupled state. Coupling system with safety lock and emergency stop.
National product, manufactured in Brazil.

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Brush Chipper PTU 300
State-of-the-art engeneering and high quality fabrication
State-of-the-art engeneering and high quality fabrication
Made to walk on urban roads, equipped with required items under current law
Made to walk on urban roads, equipped with required items under current law
Discharge chute for easy discharge of material
Discharge chute for easy discharge of material
Electronic control panel
Electronic control panel
Toweable equipament
Toweable equipament
Equipament being used by urban cleaning company
Equipament being used by urban cleaning company
Wood chipper being used on organic residues processing
Wood chipper being used on organic residues processing
Ideal to shred accumulated residues
Ideal to shred accumulated residues
Wood chips produced by the PTU 300
Wood chips produced by the PTU 300

Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PTU 300
Model: PTU 300
Actuation: Diesel Engine 60HP - 85HP
Number of Knives: 2 - 4 und.
Rotating Drum: 2000 RPM
Ability to Antlers: 300 mm

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