Brush Chipper PTU 400/500

The Scorpion PTU 400/500 being the largest urban chipper with a cutting drum system of 04 knives for manual feeding.
Designed with state-of-the-art engineering to meet the need for urban and forestry waste processing, facilitating the management of trees in the city.
It has a huge rectangular feed box mouth with wide dimensions of 450mm vertical x 520mm horizontal. Possessing two horizontal traction rollers offering increased productivity.
Equipment designed to process whole trees, trunks, green mass, branches, shrubs, palm fibers and any work that requires the highest levels of production and performance.
Intelligent automatic feeding system from engine speeds to cutting assembly. "No Stress" electronic system.
Chassis system with double axle, providing greater stability in road transport, while maintaining the compact design, allowing locomotion on public roads, being duly certified and complying with traffic legislation
Discharge Ducts with a height of 2,900mm with a 270º rotation. Adjustable discharge deflector actuated by hydraulic command.
Modern ABS AIR brake system and military style trailer hitch system.

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Brush Chipper PTU 400/500
Brush chipper with double axle
Brush chipper with double axle
Brush Chipper PTU 400/500
Brush Chipper PTU 400/500

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Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PTU 400/500
Model: Scorpion PTU 400/500
Drive: 164 HP Diesel Engine – 04 Cylinders
Number of Knives: 4 pcs. Double strand and sharp
Number of Counter knives: 1 with four reversible faces
Rectangular power box: 450x520mm
Drum Rotation: 1,600 RPM
Capacity for Branches and Trunks up to: 400 mm
Operational Safety System in compliance with regulatory standard NR12
Optional: Electric Traction Winch Cap. 1T of Load – 45 Meters Cord

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Branch shredder as a tool in the maintenance of avenues, streets and vicinal areas.

Branch shredder as a tool in the maintenance of avenues, streets and vicinal areas. Protection, civil defense and environmental teams can find in the Lippel branch chipper a tool to assist in the maintenance of trees and branches in streets, avenues and vicinals that connect cities.   The branches and trees that fell naturally or due to heavy rains and winds that sometimes hinder the traffic, thus triggering the responsible organs can be quickly crushed and their material serve as soil protectio
20 of May of 2021

1 of March of 2021

Why have a twig crusher?

The twig crusher is a piece of equipment that transforms solid waste from pruning and wood into chips, which can be reused for various purposes, mainly composting and covering the ground. Waste from urban pruning originated from municipal afforestation, condominiums, highways and even gardens, is treated as solid waste and deserves attention for recycling and correct reuse. With the use of urban and forestry shredders, it is possible to dispose of this material correctly and properly. The residu
1 of June of 2022

PTU 400 tree crusher for urban pruning

Recently, Lippel has performed at the delivery of a high of the tree-model OCT-400 motor 200 HP, and the broad rail of the power supply.The crushing of the twigs has been found to carry out the processing of large volumes of antlers and tree trunks of large diameter for the purpose of applying the material to the end on the organic composting.Because of the wide rail of the power supply for the operators, it has higher security because it does not get closer to the area of the cut and the grinde
5 of August of 2019


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