Brush Chipper PDU 260 G

The Gas Powered PDU 260 G Urban Disc Chipper is a shredder designed to eliminate the difficulties in handling tree waste. It has a wide feeding mouth and chute, capable of crushing bulky materials thanks to its "no-stress" self-feeding system that guarantees smooth and steady operation, even with more resistant materials. They are equipped with sharp two-sided knives, large tractor roller, clutch system, feed rail, safety bar in four positions, plus brake system. They also have an independent hydraulic system, which guarantees their autonomy as a mobile unit.

Ideal for cleaning urban roads, green areas and disposal for the recycling of pruning, twigs and round woods. The crushed material achieves a reduction of up to 80% of the accumulated waste volume and can be used in fertilization, composting and landscaping.


• Safe - Emergency bar wrapped around the rail;

• Easy to feed - Wide opening;

• Ease of operation - Simplicity and logic;

• Low operating cost - Efficient machine;

• Low maintenance cost - National manufacture;

• Output duct with baffle - So that the product is discarded in the right place;

• Tow - Easy to transport you need it;

• No-Stress - Automatic management of the motor rotation index in relation to the power supply.

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Brush Chipper PDU 260 G
It has an emergency control bar, providing safety for the operator.
It has an emergency control bar, providing safety for the operator.
Towing allows it to be transported with ease
Towing allows it to be transported with ease
Can be operated directly at the worksite
Can be operated directly at the worksite

Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PDU 260 G
Model: PDU 260 G
Cutting Capacity: 230 mm
Opening Cut: 230 x 350 mm
Number of Knives: 2 und.
Power rating: 35 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 L
Weight: 1310 kg
Cutting Capacity: Ø230 (9”) mm

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Equipment that professionals choose for the cleaning of pruning urban

With the new rules on the disposal of green waste has emerged the need to seek viable alternatives for the maintenance of green areas within cities, as well as for the cleaning and maintenance of trees in urban roads and highways.To adapt to this new reality, many have implemented new plans of urban cleaning that include the reuse of the organic residues coming the pruning of urban by means of shredding of green waste and the future application in composting.Organic composting makes it possible
8 of March of 2019

Reduction of volume of organic waste pruning and urban use in composting

In the face of the challenge faced by the municipality in the collection and disposal of organic waste, cuttings collected in the surroundings of the municipality, the city decided to purchase a shredder chippers Lippel, who will perform the processing of these wastes.One of the major challenges was the transportation of the remains of pruning, since this is a material that is very bulky. Now, with the crusher of branches, the team of urban cleaning may reduce the volume of this material in 70%
3 of May of 2018

The municipal government of São Paulo acquires Shredder chippers Lippel

The municipal government of São Paulo state, acquires equipment chipper shredder chippers Lippel, to milling complete waste urban green. The city will be grinding waste prunings, branches, leaves and shrubs that are collected throughout the city. Currently the waste is disposed of in a landfill site, being a long-standing problem for the city and the environment due to the large volume already accumulated.The equipment will do the job of crushing, in the midst of the urban roads, being coupled
1 of November of 2017

Chipper and Crusher PDU 260 G - LAUNCH of Lippel for a system self-sustaining

Exclusive release Lippel, which has been tested and approved in the Condominium in Atibaia/SP, the primary need of our client was met by a full in the management of the composting, in order to a system self-sustaining/biossustentável, focused on reducing expenditures for fertilizer and the treatment of the land, and disposal of suitable waste the environment.Shredder and crusher, Mobile Crusher, Urban Lippel is a solution that aims to the recycling of prunings, branches, wood round. Ideal for
26 of May of 2017


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