Brush Chipper PDU 250 G

The 250 G PDU is a towable-type Wood Chipper for high productivity of wood chips. Ideal for cleaning urban areas on roads, gardens and parks, rural areas, generating the possibility of reuse of waste instead of mere disposal.

Its use in the production of wood chips allows these organic residues to be recycled in composting, covering and fertilizing the soil, burning in furnaces and boilers, thus generating savings in the conscious use of natural resources.

Main features:

• Powerful gasoline engine

• Operation bar around feed rail for operator convenience and safety

• Dynamically balanced discs with reversible knives for longer use

• Hydraulic power system for greater agility at work

• Trailer hitch and wheeled to reach the workplace more easily

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Brush Chipper PDU 250 G
Model Offered also with lower safety bar.
Model Offered also with lower safety bar.
Engine Details
Engine Details
Equipment based and rotatable outlet duct 360º, facilitating the work in places with little space
Equipment based and rotatable outlet duct 360º, facilitating the work in places with little space

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Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PDU 250 G
Model: PDU 250 G
Ability to Antlers: 230 mm
Production: 10 - 25 m³/h
Weight: 1200 kg

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Solutions in wood chippers / shredders, special mounting for urban areas

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Loading of the chipper of Branches OCT 300 for Urban Cleaning

The equipment was provided to a power company.The Chopper Branches will be used for the urban cleaning it passes into the electrical network of the entire state and also for chopping branches and trees felled by the winds and rains.This Chipper for Branches is towable, it can be transported in urban roads, it is regulated according to the standards of transits. When working with the Shredder and the trimmings that generate a large volume of Antlers are ground up, reducing in more than 70% of th
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Elektro invests in technology that speeds up the tree pruning process on the electricity grid

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1 of June of 2022


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