Brush Chipper PDU 250 D

Wood Chipper PDU 250 D Diesel Engine wood chipper with the engine options 40 to 85 HP and Rotation Control System NO-STRESS, increasing performance and durability. Mobile Wood Chipper PDU 250D with diesel engine with options 50 to 85 HP and four cylinders. The biggest advantage is its NO-STRESS system, which enhances the performance and durability of the chipper by automatically managing the rotation of the chipper according to the volume of the material feed to the machine. This model is perfect for tree management, shredding full bushes, plants, branches, trunks and cleaning gardens. It directs the chips directly to the truck or else.

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Brush Chipper PDU 250 D
Chipper PDU 250 D being used in crushing branches for composting
Chipper PDU 250 D being used in crushing branches for composting
Diesel engine with 40 HP
Diesel engine with 40 HP
Model made to run on urban roads, to poke the branches in place of their origin.
Model made to run on urban roads, to poke the branches in place of their origin.
Panel speed control system for efficient crushing of branches
Panel speed control system for efficient crushing of branches
Chipper branches Diesel
Chipper branches Diesel

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Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PDU 250 D
Model: PDU 250 D
Motor: 40 CV
Rotation speed: 1880 RPM
Number of Knives: 02 und.
Cutting System: Drum / Disc
Cutting Capacity: 230 mm

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Urban cleaning of the cities with the Chipper of Branches PDU 250 D

Paraiba is following the example of many states that are acquiring the Mincer of Branches for pruning in the urban cleanliness of the cities.The company Geo Urban acquired the equipment Lippel and you will now have a decrease in the volume of the material during cutting, avoiding the expenses with displacement, and time of operation. Will use the chipper for branches dry and green wood round, palm leaves and other materials the pruning of urban cleaning.With the Chipper PDU 250 it is possible t
14 of February of 2017

Solutions in wood chippers / shredders, special mounting for urban areas

We have developed grinders pruning urban special mounting. The chippers / shredders chippers PDX 170, PDU 200 and 250 can be mounted on a platform truck, mini-loader or other devices to tractors.Its power comes the hydraulic system, low noise, and have capabilities of shredding of branches and trunks.In this case, the chipper was mounted on a truck fully automated, specially designed for pruning urban.
1 of December of 2017

Crusher of branches supports the tree pruning carried out in urban roads.

The OCT 300 (Mincer Crusher Urban) was presented to a city hall to be used in the cleaning of pruning in urban areas. It generates the economy of the municipality by reducing the amount of solid residues coming the pruning of urban, cleaning and opening of roads and avoiding the disposal in landfills they are an environmental liability, and economic. With the reduction in the volume of the antlers it is possible to obtain savings of up to 80% in transportation, because it is possible to transf
18 of April of 2017

Loading of the chipper of Branches OCT 300 for Urban Cleaning

The equipment was provided to a power company.The Chopper Branches will be used for the urban cleaning it passes into the electrical network of the entire state and also for chopping branches and trees felled by the winds and rains.This Chipper for Branches is towable, it can be transported in urban roads, it is regulated according to the standards of transits. When working with the Shredder and the trimmings that generate a large volume of Antlers are ground up, reducing in more than 70% of th
13 of December of 2016


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