Brush Chipper PDU 200 MC

Take your chipper ver you need it

The PDU 200 MC chipper is a product suitable for small loaders, making it easy to take it ver your loader are.

The secret of the PDU 200 MC is in the practicality and ability to be adapted to traction vehicles and to your need. It can be adapted to your mini loader and has an easy and practical means of transportation for the workplace.

Using the action of a powerful fragmentation disk, the PDU 200 MC continuously shred twigs and small trees up to 160mm in diameter. Producing an excellent organic compound to fertilize plants or to conserve water.

Front and reverse drive bar strategically located around the feed rail, providing operator safety.

Why choose the PDU 200 MC?

 - Can be easily loaded by your mini loader.

 - It has a RPM monitor that prevents overload on the mechanism and optimizes the operation.

 - Produces high quality chips, ideal for ground cover or energy fuel.

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Brush Chipper PDU 200 MC
Safety rail around feed rail
Safety rail around feed rail
Outlet chute with baffle
Outlet chute with baffle
Hidraulic system with RPM monitor
Hidraulic system with RPM monitor
Compact and easy to carry chipper
Compact and easy to carry chipper
It adapts to your mini loader and your needs
It adapts to your mini loader and your needs

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Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PDU 200 MC
Model: PDU 200 C
Power Required: Hidraulic pump 114 Lt/min CV
Production: 4 - 12 m³/h
Cutting Capacity: 160 mm
Size Chip: +-10 mm
Opening Cut: 160 x 200 mm
Discharge Height: 2690 mm

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