Brush Chipper PDG 200 TR + AC

The PDG 200 TR + AC Wood Chipper is ideal for handling pruning, shrub and trunks in urban areas, counting on a chassis with wheels, which greatly facilitates its transport and handling during work. The rotor of the PDG 200 TR + AC is made of special steel, prepared to withstand abrasive materials without wearing out.

Make your work faster with the robust feed hopper with hydraulic traction rollers. This machine is easy to handle, you the material into the feed hopper and let the feed rollers do the service for you.

The discharge baffle can be easily adjusted, allowing you to discharge your chips ver you want. The discharge chute allows a 360 ° turn and its baffle allows adjustment of the distance the chips are thrown.

The waste processed by the PDG 200 TR + AC can be used for the production of a rich organic compound, which can be used as a natural fertilizer for soil enrichment.

Photo Gallery

Brush Chipper PDG 200 TR + AC
Brush Chipper PDG 200 TR
Brush Chipper PDG 200 TR
High production capacity
High production capacity
Hydraulic system of the two traction rollers
Hydraulic system of the two traction rollers

Technical specifications

Brush Chipper PDG 200 TR + AC
Model: PDG 200 TR + AC
Ability to Toras: 200 mm
Traction rollers: 2 und.
Opening Cut: 200 x 260 mm
Feed Opening: 820 x 820 mm
Required tractor power: 50 - 100 CV
Kind: Disc
Number of Knives: 4 und.

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