Wood recycling

Recycling of trees, branches and leaves in the urban area and rural

The fate of the trees, branches and leaves knocked down by the wind and resulting pruning of trees in urban areas has always been a concern for administrators of condominiums, parks and city halls. See below for examples of municipalities that have already found the solution to the problem.


Municipality of Guarulhos/SP saves R$ 50.000,00 per year by recycling the trees felled by the wind and grinding the pruning of trees within the city.

Many estãoencontrando in recycling the solution to this problem: with what was thrown out, it is possible to produce materials with high added value, either for resale or for the economy.

On the video side, we show the example of the city of Guarulhos/SP, which has invested in machinery to recycle these waste and saves R$ 50.000,00 per year through the recycling of wood.


The municipality of Piçarras/SC invests in the recycling of trees, branches and leaves obtained in pruning by the city.

In the month of July/2011 the municipality of Piçarras purchased a Shredder chippers Lippel to give a proper destination to the trunks of trees, branches and leaves obtained during the pruning done in the city.

On the video side, see the Crusher of Branches Lippel working in Piçarras.


Recycling of waste wood construction, demolition and rubble

Turn waste wood, even with nails, screws, and clamps, in wood chips, widely used as fuels in boilers and furnaces industries.

See the videos below for the process of transformation of waste wood obtained in the works, constructions and demolitions in wood chips of high quality, free of impurities, using the wood chippers Lippel.




The Importance of secondary raw materials, made of waste for thermal applications and in materials, grew over time.

We offer the concept of plants modular that can be implemented to meet their growth requirements considering chip quality and performance.




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City Hall Acquires New Scorpion 500 Branch Crusher

City Hall Acquires New Branch Crusher A few days ago, the municipality of Paraná received another important piece of equipment that will guarantee more efficiency in the services of crushing branches resulting from tree pruning. The city hall already had smaller equipment, which was used by the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Policy, mainly at the Ecoponto. This equipment will now be destined for the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, to be used to remove branches from the
8 of October of 2021


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