Wood chips

Chip of Wood or Chips of Wood

"Cavacos The chips or chip of wood is composed of small pieces of wood the chipping or destroçamento, with a length variable between 5 and 50mm, obtained by splintering in the direction of the fiber in the chippers disc or straight cut in wood chippers the drum still contains particles longer and a reasonable percentage of fines. The quality of the chips or chip depends on the raw material and the technology used in its production. It is common to find three different types of wood chips:

Chipping of residues the forest

As branches, crowns of trees or entire trees with commercial value reduced. Contains a percentage of humidity in the order of 50%, the size ranging dust particles up to chips containing bark and leaves. This fuel is suitable for boilers that are located in large central production of heat or electrical energy production such as Power Plants Forest Residues.

Chips or chips produced in sawmills

With a percentage of humidity of the order of 40-50%, which is used, for example, in the pulp and paper industry or in the manufacture of agglomerates, and other panels. The resídos mill can be used for the production of pellets and briquettes, but for this they need to go through a process of drying and grinding prior to processing. These chips have better combustion properties, but it is still very damp to the pots small, unless it is dry before it shattered.

Chips cutting trees

Without branches and leaves, left to dry for approximately 4-6 months prior to your destroçamento or chipping. This chip contains about 30% moisture and must be uniform in quality and size. This fuel is suitable for boilers installed in residential buildings or services. In this case, the pieces of wood larger dimension may cause operational problems and should be removed during the production.


Comparative: Chip x the form of Pellets and Briquettes



  • You can find available locally;
  • Its production stimulates local employment;
  • Cheaper than the pellets and briquettes;

  • Disadvantages

  • It requires more storage space;
  • Fuel quality is more difficult to ensure;
  • The greatest need of the work of operation and maintenance of the central;


Classification of the size of the chip

The correct specification of size is crucial for consumers of chips, since certain boilers, for example, will operate more efficiently with the correct granulometry of the material. So the buyer of the fuel can include the ratings as conditions in the contract with the suppliers.


The chip size is influenced by:

  • Type of shredder;
  • Forward speed x Rotation;
  • Cutting angle of the knives;
  • Species of trees (Whole, with or without branches);
  • The presence of contaminants;
  • Wood hardness (wear largest of the knives)
  • Moisture content;

  • The correct classification particle size of the chip allows us to predict the energy released in the combustion process as well as ensure the flow of the chip by the power supply system. Chip very large impede the flow of material through the system, causing clogging. Very fine particles burn rapidly in the combustion chamber, leading to variation of heat and the formation of ash.



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