What is Biomass

Learn all about biomass and how it is used for the generation of energy

"O Biomass is the organic matter, which can be used in the production of energy. Not all of the primary production of the planet passes to increase the plant biomass, since part of this accumulated energy is employed by the ecosystem in its own maintenance.

The advantages of the use of biomass in energy production are the low cost, the fact of being renewable, allow the reuse of waste and be far less polluting than other energy sources like oil or coal.

The types of biomass most commonly used are: firewood (already represented 40% of the production of primary energy in Brazil), bagasse of sugar cane, branches and leaves of trees, paper, cardboard, etc. Biomass is also the main element of a number of new types of fuels and sources of energy, such as bio-oil, biogas, BTL and biodiesel.

Renewal in biomass occurs through the carbon cycle. The burning of biomass or its derivatives causes the release of CO2 in the atmosphere. Plants, through photosynthesis, turn that CO2 in the carbohydrates, releasing oxygen. Thus, the use of biomass, since that is not in a predatory way, does not change the composition of the atmosphere.

The biomass stands out for its high energy density, and by the ease of storage, conversion and transportation. The similarity between the engines with the use of biomass and those that use fossil fuels is another advantage. In this way, the replacement of the ways of obtaining energy would not have so great impact in the automobile industry.

Although the use of biomass as a source of energy bring you fantastic benefits, it is important to emphasize that if you must have a lot of control over the deforested areas. An example of this was the expansion of the industry of alcohol in Brazil, many forests were cleared to give place to plantations of sugar cane. Why the concern for the environment, more than ever, should be a priority in the use of biomass.

But how to use the biomass for energy generation?

For each biomass type and for each type of thermal spraying it is the need to properly process the biomass, and the Lippel develops projects tailored to the needs of each client. See below for the steps involved, and a summary of the process required to use the biomass for energy generation.

Roadmap of conversion of biomass into energy


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