Pelletes Biomass

Meet the pellet, a viable alternative and renewable to traditional fuels for use in furnaces and boilers

Briquetting and pelletizing are processes of densification on energy of biomass. Are processes to transform waste into solid fuel. The Principle of the process of briquetting is the same of the pelletizing plant, the plasticizing of the lignin.

The size of the pellets varies between 6 mm and 16 mm, while briquette has an inner diameter of 50 mm. The pelleting is an extrusion process is more demanding that the briquetting. The presses are more demanding and more ive with waste.

All residue of plant origin can be compressed by briquetting or pelletizing, and simply meet the needs of particle size, lignin and moisture content required by the process.

There are several technologies for compression of the lignocellulosic residues:

Extruder piston or mechanical press in the piston / crankshaft mechanical (shape briquettes) Extruders, hydraulic piston, or press briquetadeira hydraulic (briquettes) Extruder screw without end or press briquetadeira screw or bolt ( briquettes ) Peletizadoras ( pelletes ) or pellets. "Pellets

Features Pellets
Calorific value 16.92 - 17.64 MJ/kg
Calorific value 17,0 GJ/ton
- per Kg 4,7 kwh/kg
- per m3 3077 kwh/m3
Density 650 - 750 kg/m
Diameter 6 - 14 mm
Length 20 - 30 mm
Grey 0.4 - 1.5%
Moisture 7 - 12%



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8 of October of 2021


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