Chipper for Various Waste Crusher

Chipper for Various Waste Crusher
A city hall with an estimated population of 50 thousand inhabitants, had problems with the disposal of pruning and urban logs generated in the municipality along with wood waste (pallets), rest of furniture generated by local industries and irregular discharges by the population.
Approximately 120m³ of pruning is generated daily equivalent to 7 buckets and also around 30m³ equivalent to 2 waste buckets (pallets) and furniture per day.
The accumulation of these materials in the disposal sites generated a great environmental problem, Animal nests that are often poisonous, transmitters of diseases, emission of gases and manure emitted by the decomposition of uncrushed pruning, limited space that does not support the daily demand for materials.

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The solution offered by Lippel was a Chipper for Waste Disposal, several model PTL 200/600, which could crush all generated waste, from branches, wood scraps, contaminated material pallets, transforming into crushed material and could be approved for composting or fuel for burning.
The volume reduction in this process occurs around 70% to 80% of discarded material, making this problem not only a solution, but also a material with high added value in the market.
The city will use these residues for community gardens, flower beds, local farmers.
With certain destination of the crushed residues, city halls can dedicate attention to urban afforestation in planting of new trees, preventive maintenance of trees on urban roads.
The Lippel PTL equipment line has a cutting system with rotating knife rotor, tapered feeding table with a minimum of 5 meters in length, to favor the accommodation of the materials to be crushed, magnetic metal detector to protect the cutting system , three-phase auto-efficiency electric motor sized according to model and need, automatic electric control panel, knife sharpening device. Exit mat for extraction of residues with magnetic extractor for separation of contaminated materials in the middle of the organic mass.

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