Renewal of equipment for chipping urban pruning by a service provider in the energy sector

Renewal of equipment for chipping urban pruning by a service provider in the energy sector

An energy company was facing some challenges regard to the disposal of tree pruning collected in urban areas. As a company in the energy distribution business, one of the daily jobs is to ensure the integrity of the electrical wiring and to avoid any breakage as much as possible, which would cause problems for residents or businesses in the region, in addition to generating additional expense with maintenance.

Therefore, one of the essential services of the company is the pruning of trees that are close to the cables of the electric network. However, tree pruning has a very large volume, thus requiring a large number of trips for disposal in case of discarding pruning in natura. To reduce the time and cost of disposal, the company opted for chipping the pruning, making it possible to also reuse the material. However, the equipment they owned did not meet the needs of the company, in addition to having difficulty purchasing spare parts.

In order to solve these two problems at once, the company contacted Lippel.

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Renewal of equipment for chipping urban pruning by a service provider in the energy sector

The solution offered by Lippel was a new and high-tech wood chipper, with its own dump cart, thus reducing the cost of using a truck to transport waste, in addition to offering a differentiated and special plan for technical assistance and revisions.

The Brush Chipper offered was the PDU 200/260 RCB. Because it has its own dump cart, it becomes a unique, compact tool that offers unparalleled practicality and agility in the logistics of urban pruning treatment, making it possible to tow it with small vehicles, thus reducing fuel expense of the vehicle fleet.

The dump cart of the wood chipper has a space of 3m³, and, since the pruning of the pruning reduces the volume of the branches by about 80% to 90%, the cart holds about what would be 25m³ of not shredded pruning.

A special advantage of this brush chipper is its dumping system that was developed to solve common dump cart problems, such as the fall of debris on the equipment's axle or wheels, which makes exit maneuvers difficult, and, in some cases, even causes the chipper to tip over. This brush chipper has a clean dumping system, thus preventing any difficulty in disposal and maneuver.

Another advantage is that the wood chipper is fully in accordance with the safety standards, thus ensuring greater safety for operators and avoiding personal or company losses.

The shredded pruning residues can then be applied in organic composting and production of organic fertilizer, fertilizer that can then be used by the company itself in gardening services, donated or sold to farmers in the region.

This Lippel brush chipper is 100% national equipment, thus having a better cost and greater ease in the purchase of spare parts and technical assistance.

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