Brush Chipper under test for pruning cleaning in urban streets

Brush Chipper under test for pruning cleaning in urban streets

Lippel recently provided a Brush Chipper for a company to test its services and learn about the equipment, and so, study whether it was worth buying the equipment or not.

This company works with the provision of services in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil and did not have a plan for the reuse of urban pruning waste that was constantly collected and disposed of by the company.

The company prunes daily urban trees that are close to electrical wiring to protect the electrical wiring against damage and breakage. The branches were cut into slightly smaller pieces and then loaded onto the truck. The discard truck was filled several times a day, and had to drive to the landfill each time to discard the tree branches and then back to the workplace.

This process generated a high cost of fuel for the truck and working time for the team.

It was then that Lippel offered a brush chipper to reduce working time and enable the reuse of pruning. However, due to not working with this type of equipment, the company initially saw no advantage in its use. Then, after a deal, Lippel handled a Brush Chipper for the company to test for a few days to see if it was really worth buying.

Usage and Results Impressions

Main advantages

Brush Chipper under test for pruning cleaning in urban streets

The result was that, even before the end of the first week came, the person in charge decided to keep the equipment, as he was surprised how much the chipper streamlined the work and saved money in logistics of the disposal of pruning remains.

“It is now the end of the day and I have followed much of the team working today. The machine is very good, much better than we expected. The team worked all day and filled the truck just once. I saw the machine working, it's very fast and it really serves us.” Quoted the company manager.

The equipment is able to reduce the volume of raw material by up to 80%, generating a great savings in waste transportation, converting the cost of the buying into savings and profit for the company in the short term.

Now, after purchasing the brush chipper, the company will apply the green waste to the compost and then donate the organic compost to the state's cities, which will then apply the organic fertilizer to afforestation, gardening and agriculture municipality projects, promoting an improvement in the population's quality of life and promoting environmental health.

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