Urban cleaning and Recycling

The Lippel has offered over the years a variety of solutions in the processing of organic waste as the remains of pruning the urban and in the processing of various residues for recycling. Get to know how some of our customers, and city halls has enhanced their method of work and began to save and generate revenue through the reuse of resources.

Organic composting and green waste processing

Brush chipper in urban cleaning and composting in school gardens

The Zero Waste project was created with the objective of collecting and allocating the solid urban waste in na enviromental way that saves public resources and promotes socio-environmental actions.To

Brush Chipper under test for pruning cleaning in urban streets

Lippel recently provided a Brush Chipper for a company to test its services and learn about the equipment, and so, study whether it was worth buying the equipment or not.This company works with the pr

Solving the problem of the accumulation of fallen trees as a result of storms and hurricanes

Due to the recent storms, a large number of trees were felled by strong gusts of wind on roads and urban roads, thus causing a major problem in traffic safety. However, another major problem caused by

Renewal of equipment for chipping urban pruning by a service provider in the energy sector

An energy company was facing some challenges regard to the disposal of tree pruning collected in urban areas. As a company in the energy distribution business, one of the daily jobs is to ensure the i

Urban waste recycling

Recycling of accumulated wood waste in municipal landfill

Dealing with the huge accumulation of waste generated by the disposal of household or construction waste is a challenge for any city hall, recycling cooperative or even companies that work with waste

Chipper for Various Waste Crusher

A city hall with an estimated population of 50 thousand inhabitants, had problems with the disposal of pruning and urban logs generated in the municipality along with wood waste (pallets), rest of fur

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Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood
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Cotton production in MT receives the visit of representatives of the textile industry from Asia, North America and Europe

A group of 21 representatives from the textile industry closely followed some steps in the development process in the harvesting and processing of cotton, on farms and mills in the interior of Mato Grosso, during the 2022 Buyers Mission. The objective is to show the main fiber buyers in the world that agricultural production in the state meets all socio-environmental criteria, in addition to encouraging the purchase of the Brazilian product, which has the state as the main producer. The action i
10 of August of 2022


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