Use of fruit trees for biomass generation for organic composting, organic fertilizer or energy generation

Use of fruit trees for biomass generation for organic composting, organic fertilizer or energy generation

Lippel, in partnership with large fruit producers, offers the best solutions for the correct disposal of waste generated in orchards, promoting natural balance and assisting in the certifications required by National and International Bodies of quality and excellence.

Assistance in fighting Pests, Fungi and Diseases in Avocado Plantations:

Some avocado trees become ill and lose their usefulness and others reach the end of their useful life, and it is necessary to cut them. Once they do not generate more fruit it is necessary to renew and plant new seedlings.

Another factor that influences the generation of waste is the need to prune sick branches or the general maintenance of branches in avocado producing farms.

The fact is that these avocado tree waste and their pruning, are generally deposited under the avocado tree itself, thus increasing the chance of disease, fungi and pests proliferation; besides increasing the risk of being a shelter for venomous animals.

To prevent pests, fungi and diseases of the avocado tree from spreading, the best solution is to carry out a waste reuse correctly. One of the options is the chipping of green waste for future reuse, reducing the volume of waste and allowing it to be inserted back into the soil as organic compost or as a protection in the form of soil cover; or in some cases, it can be used as a sale of biofuel to generate energy / heat.

Transforming Coffee and Orange Waste into Organic Fertilizer:

Like any culture, there are production cycles, and from time to time, it is necessary to change or maintain the plant.

We have been assisting customers working in this food segment, especially those who produce coffee and oranges in the search for viable solutions for the treatment and processing of waste in order to compensate for the investment. With the use of the biomass generated in its properties, one of the main gains is to discard the purchase of artificial fertilizers for the plantations, being replaced by the residues generated from logs and branches with green mass, generating great savings.

Chippers are easy to handle, easy to feed and have little maintenance in the short, medium and long term, today being used as a solution and agricultural tool.


Usage and Results Impressions

Main advantages

Use of fruit trees for biomass generation for organic composting, organic fertilizer or energy generation

Some of the advantages are:

• Reduction of Pests, Fungi and Diseases;

• Reuse of waste as organic compost and soil cover;

• Use of waste as Biofuel (Generation and Energy);

• Improvement in the final quality of the Product (Fruit).

• Use as Organic Fertilizer;

Macro View of Benefit / Advantages:

The Fruit / Agriculture Sector constantly needs viable solutions for the treatment of residues generated in the plantation. With the purchase of a Lippel Forestry Chipper, the customer will have well-developed equipment that is easy to handle; another great advantage is that you can move the equipment throughout your property, avoiding large mobilization of people and logistics with the handling of forest waste.

The great advantage through the chipping of waste is the reuse without traveling long distances, being used as compost, soil cover and organic fertilizer, always aiming at enriching the soil and preserving the environment; the raw material has little use, besides being difficult to handle and transport, it hinders and occupies a large part of productive areas, and its decomposition also takes a long time.

The solution is to work with uniform materials and as mentioned, the gain is very large and the return is guaranteed as reported by customers who already use the chippers in their production processes.

Lippel is a solid brand in the National and International market, we have several models of chippers that can be configured and / or adapted to the individual realities of each client, consult our Sales Team to learn more and add value to your Agribusiness.

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