Organic Composting

Exemples of how Lippel had offered solutions in the processing of organic waste for aplication in organic composting and how many had obtained benefits in enviromental and industrial projects, besides personal projects for reutilization of organic residues and how this is generating economy.

Recycling and organic composting in farms

Composting of pruning in an avocado and blueberry farm

Owning an agriculture farm is synonymous with having a large volume of pruning to deal with constantly. This was the case of an agricultural company in Peru that works with the production of avocados

Use of fruit trees for biomass generation for organic composting, organic fertilizer or energy generation

Lippel, in partnership with large fruit producers, offers the best solutions for the correct disposal of waste generated in orchards, promoting natural balance and assisting in the certifications requ

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Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood
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Use of Waste from the Automotive Industry

In automobile manufacturing, various types of waste are generated, including wood (such as pallets and packaging), scrap components (such as bumpers and panels), and more common waste such as boxes, plastics, and cardboard. To tackle these environmental challenges, a major automobile manufacturer has implemented innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in its ecological islands.Sustainable Solutions for Industrial WasteReuse of Pallets and Wood with the PTL 250/400 x 1300 Chipper an
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